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Monday, January 30, 2012

Fingerprint Jewelry

Created in 18K gold and Sterling Silver, Sarah began offering this idea over ten years ago when a friend requested a ring with her new baby's prints as a 'push' present. Since then, Sarah has made countless wedding sets for couples who imprint their fingers in each other's bands as a way to make the most extraordinarily sentimental and personal wedding rings ever. Several prints can be combined on the same piece of jewelry, so when a couple already has children, those can be included on the rings as well. She even once took a paw print from a canine 'family member' who served as the ring bearer in the couple’s wedding! But because the prints are pressed directly into the wax, rather than taken from an ink impression, the process must be done in person, and until now has only been offered to friends and family in Sarah's San Francisco studio.  This differentiates Sarah's jewelry from the fingerprint offerings you see online, and most importantly highlights what makes her designs so unique – the rich, natural texture. It also facilitates a way for the designer to connect directly with her customers – stores advertise the event in advance and Sarah comes with her wax impression kit, often customizing the designs even further. So why is Sarah finally taking this beyond her local studio and offering it to the public? Probably that little life changing event she encountered recently when she became a first time mom herself. When her son was four weeks old, she made a gold and oxidized silver necklace with her his prints and it wasn't long before everyone in her mommy group had one. While she knew the bridal market for fingerprint jewelry was big, she was blown away by the demand for jewelry by moms searching for something that captures the fleeting moment when children, and their little prints, are young - in a more sophisticated style than one usually finds in mom jewelry. Her calendar for fingerprint shows is filling up quickly as stores get in line to schedule their own in time to help customers celebrate all of life's most important occasions with this truly one of a kind jewelry.


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