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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

For the Jewelry Collector who Treasures the Journey as much as the Destination; Sarah’s Sea Urchin line is a Storied Adventure


Sarah is known for her unusual and exotic jewelry style, and for her collectors, acquiring one of her pieces is much more than just a purchase.  Sarah’s new collection, Sea Urchin, continues her tradition of incorporating the journey into the final design. The idea was borne over twenty years ago while Sarah and her new husband backpacked along the Italian Mediterranean coast where they encountered the fascinating shapes of these captivating echinoids.  While traveling the world over the course of the next two years, she lugged a much thumbed 8lb (!) technical jewelry making book and visited hundreds of jewelry stores. This trip was pivotal in helping Sarah realize her life’s work.

The Sea Urchin Collection offers not only a vivid story of past inspiration, but a glimpse of an exciting future. Finally fulfilling a long held dream, Sarah departs in May for a summer in Italy which will be spent sharing the journey of searching for, finding, and applying design inspiration to jewelry through a blog on her website and facebook posts.  

“Finding the space time to design is the most difficult part of the creative process.”  Sarah is most excited about having a dedicated span of time, in a gorgeous environment that is renowned for art and design, to concentrate on the job of being inspired. “I hope to create a rich narrative that my customers will treasure as much as they do their jewelry, and to move people to carve out time to be inspired themselves.”
Jewelry is an immensely personal purchase, yet the story behind the design is often missing.  How did this jewelry come to be? What was the designer thinking, feeling, looking at, and being exposed to when the inspiration struck? What were the challenges, and what did the prototypes look like? Sarah expands on her already prolific design details by engaging in an intimate discussion of her process, giving an insider’s view that can be experienced on her website blog and her facebook page. We hope you will join her!

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