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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Three ‘R’s
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle….You have heard it a thousand times; testament of a strong slogan. And by now we should all be practicing these three dictums without thought as we go about our daily lives. But how to reconcile our love of fashion, and jewelry in particular, with this environmental triad? Well, turns out we don’t need to stretch our moral boundaries too far to justify a fine jewelry purchase: 

Reduce - By choosing fine jewelry, rather than costume, cost alone will necessitate a reduction in the amount of pieces you purchase.
Reuse – Take your time, consider your lifestyle, and find a piece you absolutely love. Wear it daily, build your signature style around it, and value it accordingly. Then pass it on to your children!
Recycle - The vast majority of all fine jewelry on the market is made from recycled precious metals. With the exception of the Mint or very large manufacturers, jewelers are casting and fabricating from refined metals that were mined previously.  Be discriminating - the smaller the designer, the more likely it is they are taking extra steps to identify the origin of their materials, and the more easily you can obtain this information. The same holds true for the store you buy it from.

Use discretion and be thoughtful in all your purchases, and treasure the act of treating yourself!

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