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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Mr. Graham

We have a new man in our life!

This week we travel to New York to introduce our collection for the other half of the population at the upcoming JANY 2009 jewelry show.

‘Spear’ is the name of the introductory collection of jewelry for men, and the inspiration is a radiolarian - a single celled marine organism with a form that is graphic, masculine, and, of course, organic. Mr. Graham combines our signature blackened Cobalt Chrome with sterling accents. Edgier than its feminine counterpoint, the center piece of Mr. Graham is a carabineer type key chain/hold all that embodies the future of men’s jewelry.

Mr. Graham is functional ornamentation for modern men living in the spirit of Ernst Haeckel, George Washington Carver, and Nicolai Tesla. Futurists of their time, all of these men were intellectually multi-dimensional while being deeply seated in the arts. They also set life style trends, not only for their time but for future generations up until the present. Mr. Graham modifies male ornamentation from the traditional standards of men’s jewelry into inventive, elegant design that speaks to the values, technology, altruism and entrepreneurship of the modern gentleman. The designs are organic in nature and expand the established men’s accessory category beyond jewelry into stylish functional gear that improves the client’s ability to organize practical accessories while exuding true fashion proficiency.

The new collection will be available at the JANY show, Booth 1256 Couture Pavilion, and at select locations in the coming months.

To find a retailer that carries Mr. Graham, e-mail us at

Mr. Graham in Modern Jeweler

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

See you tomorrow!

It is quite possible - indeed probable - that we will look back at this last year and marvel at the innovation that sprang from this extraordinary year - innovations that will make those of us who embrace them the few who actually prosper during a recession. I know this, so I have on my list of things to do: ‘Embrace innovation’ and ‘Embrace Change’. But you know how the big ones always linger at the bottom of list…the ones that you copy over and over from list to list, the ones that never get done. But today I am proud to say, I have finally embraced an innovation!

We are always looking for new ways to communicate - communication is a vital part of my every day. Did you know, my studio and business office are in different places – different cities in fact? if you didn’t, it is probably because Denise and I communicate incessantly. In fact, it is only a slight exaggeration to say we are on the phone more than not. It is astonishing, there for, that it has taken me this long to embrace the innovation that is Skype. After putting it off for, oh, two years, I finally spent the, oh, five minutes it takes to download the free software. I did it while I was at the airport on my way to a trunk show at Muse Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and that night from my hotel room I spoke to my husband via Skype with live video and drove my kitties crazy as they ran around the back of the computer screen wondering where the rest of me was.

Back in the studio on Monday, I put James and Denise to the task of comparing our current phone bills with the projected expense of switching all our phone calls to Skype (skype to skype calls are free, but you can Skype to and from regular phones, and even cell phones for a fee) and ordering me a video camera and cordless headset so I can roam the studio freely while talking on Skype. Denise, down in the desert, prepared her office to Skype as well.

Another weekend, another trunk show (this one at I. Gorman in Washington D.C.), another Monday back in the studio…and my Skype equipment arrived! Alas, it took me until Tuesday at 7pm to finally get it all set up, and by then Denise was long gone (one of our generous employee benefits – you get to leave work at a reasonable hour). But, it IS set up, and tomorrow morning Denise and I will be able to communicate all day long for absolutely free…and we will be able to see each other. “Is this the one they want ?” I will ask Denise as I hold up a pair of earrings to my video camera. “Is this the order you want these postcards in?” Denise will ask me, as she holds our latest mailing up to her camera. And, as soon as my stores and customers hook themselves up to Skype, I expect a lot of “Show me the one in steel…the one with a cognac diamond…the one with the bigger diamond!” as we enjoy the next best thing to a personal meeting! (Did I mention it is FREE???!!!! Can you imagine it? Employee trainings…live meetings with your customers…A visual to go along with your/my/their idea to customize the Caged Coral Locket using grandma’s gold and grandpa’s old ring and a diamond that desperately needs to be liberated from a ring that in its current form only brings up bad memories. The possibilities are dizzying!)

So, tonight, as I wrote my last e-mail to Denise to say goodnight, I embraced change once again by altering my sign off from the usual “talk to you tomorrow…” to the more precise “See you tomorrow”!

(Embrace your own innovation

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Politics of Fashoin

The subject of politics seem unavoidable these days. Yet, in the context of art, maybe we can all see eye to eye, or at least agree that we are witnessing something interesting, and remarkable, and that being of the same opinion is not prerequisite to sharing precious experiences.

The recent election of Barak Obama has dominated headlines on a scale second only perhaps to the economy. There are many reasons why people are enthralled with our new president, not the least of which is his wife, Michelle, who represents an ideal of a strong, independent woman perhaps better than any First Lady before her - at least for my generation. And while her professional resume and accomplishments as a mother are impressive, it is her personal style that is on my mind.

Michelle has been praised for her ‘accessible glamour’, mixing adventurous looks from little know designers like Isabel Toledo with basics from lower priced chains like J-Crew. And while her populist style is probably more a show of restraint than a reflection of a diminishing income, her price consciousness is something that we can all relate to. But it is her preference for boutique designers outside New York’s 7th Avenue guard that most excites me. This could also be construed as a political move – supporting small business falls in nicely with the Obama rhetoric. But if you take a closer look at the actual designers she has worn, you see a pattern emerge that goes beyond conventional wisdom. The designs of Jason Wu, Thakoon, and the above mentioned Toledo are sculptural works of art that transcend trend and are crafted with a quality fit for a museum. Could it possibly be that Mrs. Obama, between her legal career, raising her daughters, and campaigning for her husband, also has the time to understand and appreciate these designs for the fine works of art that they are?

Those of you reading this blog, and who have an almost equally demanding life style, know that the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’, and that style is not merely an indulgence for those with an abundance of time and money. Once one avails themselves to the superior quality, impeccable craftsmanship and thoughtful details of wearable art, one realizes why the best clothing and accessories deserve the same high regard as the best paintings and sculptures, and that the fashion you wear is a display of your sophistication and appreciation for such. But most importantly, it is an expression of your personal style, and it is wonderful to have a woman in such a high position as Michelle embrace hers with such flair and passion…and politics have nothing to do with