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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Mr. Graham

We have a new man in our life!

This week we travel to New York to introduce our collection for the other half of the population at the upcoming JANY 2009 jewelry show.

‘Spear’ is the name of the introductory collection of jewelry for men, and the inspiration is a radiolarian - a single celled marine organism with a form that is graphic, masculine, and, of course, organic. Mr. Graham combines our signature blackened Cobalt Chrome with sterling accents. Edgier than its feminine counterpoint, the center piece of Mr. Graham is a carabineer type key chain/hold all that embodies the future of men’s jewelry.

Mr. Graham is functional ornamentation for modern men living in the spirit of Ernst Haeckel, George Washington Carver, and Nicolai Tesla. Futurists of their time, all of these men were intellectually multi-dimensional while being deeply seated in the arts. They also set life style trends, not only for their time but for future generations up until the present. Mr. Graham modifies male ornamentation from the traditional standards of men’s jewelry into inventive, elegant design that speaks to the values, technology, altruism and entrepreneurship of the modern gentleman. The designs are organic in nature and expand the established men’s accessory category beyond jewelry into stylish functional gear that improves the client’s ability to organize practical accessories while exuding true fashion proficiency.

The new collection will be available at the JANY show, Booth 1256 Couture Pavilion, and at select locations in the coming months.

To find a retailer that carries Mr. Graham, e-mail us at

Mr. Graham in Modern Jeweler